Run Seal Beach
Parent Guide



  • We request ALL children running the Kids Run wear their issued brightly colored race t-shirt, race bib number, and wristband for visibility and safety.
  • Parents need to wear matching # wristband. Please include on wristband: CHILD’S NAME, PARENT NAME, and CELL PHONE #. If you have multiple children in the run, please wear all matching wristbands. The wristbands are used for identification at Fun Zone check out. The parent picking up their child MUST HAVE on matching wristband.
  • The race starts at the corner of FIRST STREET and MARINA DRIVE (where the 5/10K starts) and finishes at 8th and OCEAN at the park next to the pier (across from Cold Stone). There is a yellow banner near the Fun Zone entrance. Review the course with your child. Make a plan for pick up and stick to the plan. It’s a good idea to review this the night before as well as the morning of the event.
  • Line up at the start line NO LATER THAN 7:20 am. We start on time and don’t want anyone to miss out! Parking can be difficult, so plan ahead. Go to for parking information.
  • Our team of running volunteers escorts all children participating in the Fun Run into the Fun Zone area. They must have on their wristband to enter the Fun Zone.
  • Parents are welcome to run with their children without any entry fee for the 1K. Parents cannot enter the Fun Zone, but the children are visible from outside the fencing. If you are pushing a stroller, please stay to the side of the race route to prevent tripping.
  • Our event is a “Fun Run”—we do not record time or give placement awards. Each runner will receive a Kids Fun Run finisher’s ribbon!
  • The wristband is their “ticket” into the fun zone. We will not allow entrance into the fun zone without it. Once in the Fun Zone, a child can only be checked out by a parent with the matching wristband. Due to the number of children at the event, we cannot allow in and out access to the Fun Zone.
  • If you are leaving your child in our care, your child should know that they are expected to listen to and respect our volunteers. Our volunteers are present to provide safety and security to all of the participants.
  • Entertainment in the Fun Zone includes games and crafts with our team of fun volunteers. We have bottled water, bananas, and dye-free mini popsicles. It is a nut-free and gluten-free zone. The fun zone has porta-potties- 1 for boys and 1 for girls.
  • Children are not allowed to leave the Fun Zone until the parent presents a matching wristband. This is how we ensure every child’s safety! Please be patient at check out as we have many children being checked out simultaneously. All children must be picked up from Fun Zone by 9:30 am.

Thank you for your participation and for helping us make this a successful event!

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