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Fun Run Information/FAQs


Michael-120Do I need to be registered to run alongside my child in the Fun Run?
No, parents and guardians do not need to register to run in the Fun Run with their child.

Do the kids get medals?
Each child gets a participation ribbon.

Are the children timed in the Fun Run?
We don’t time the children–this run is just for fun!

How old should the kids be for the Fun Run?
Children must be between the ages of 3-10.

When do I pick up my child’s shirt?
Kids packs are available at the registration pick up at the Marina Center (1st and Marina) on Friday before the race from 2 pm-8 pm. The kids pack has their tshirt and race bib, a wristband for the child and the parent, and some goodies.

Where does the kids run start?
The Kids 1K Fun Run starts at the same place as the 5/10k on the corner of Marina and 1st.. It starts promptly at 7:30.

Where does the kids run end and where is the Fun Zone?
The kids run ends where the gated Fun Zone area is. The Fun Zone is in the park next to the pier across from Cold Stone. There will be a yellow flag outside the Fun Zone. It is adjacent to the 5/10k finish line.

Can I run the 5 or 10 K while my child is in the 1K run and Fun Zone?
You know your child best! If your child listens to instructions well, we have a team of running volunteers that supervise and guide the kids. All participants MUST wear a wristband in order to enter the Fun Zone.   They cannot enter without it.

Will a volunteer run with my child?
We have an abundance of high school volunteers supervising and running with the children but we cannot provide 1:1 supervision due to the number of participants in this event. You can run with your child in the Fun Run and return to the start line for the 5/10k. The kid’s Fun Run is usually finished by 7:45.

Does my child need to wear the T-shirt? What if it’s cold?
We recommend all the participants wear the brightly colored shirt that you get when you register for ease of identification by our volunteers. If it’s cold, have your child wear a long sleeve shirt under the T-shirt.

How is my child released from the Fun Zone?
Our team of volunteers has strict instructions to only release the child to the person who has their matching wristband.

What time is pick up?
All children must be picked up by 9:30.

Can I run alongside one child and have another in a stroller?
Yes. We prefer if you stay to the sides of the run so you don’t trip anyone.

We aren’t sure who will pick up our child since we are both running the 5k so who should wear the matching wristband?
At registration, request an additional wristband and we will number it to match your child so either parent or guardian can pick up your child.

Can I get a Kids 1k Fun Run T-shirt and run in the 5k?
For the race, the 5k and 10k participants should NOT be wearing the kids 1k Fun Run T-shirt. For safety reasons, only the 1k participants should be wearing them-that’s why we have the shirts in bright colors. If there are any left over T-shirts, they will be sold at the finish line/vendor area after the 5k and 10k are finished.

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